After analyzing your results, we believe you may have a high appetite for risk.

Listed below are products that we feel may be of interest to you, these are based on people with similar risk scores to you, due to your higher appetite for risk, there is an increased risk of losing some of your capital.

About your score

You Scored between 40 and 50 points, we put you in our higher risk category. We believe you may have had some experience with investing in the past, currently hold investments, and are willing to make calculated risks in order to maximise your return on your money.

You have a good grasp on savings and actively want to increase and improve your finances, you have actively looked at your financial options in the past, as you’re in this group you are probably aware of most of the investment choices you have, this can range from basic bank accounts all the way up to leveraged CFD accounts.

A lot of people in this group will have a higher level of investments compared to cash savings, this group will possibly already have a lot of stocks and shares or currently hold some managed funds. The below investments are examples of what people in this group may have or have held in the past.

  • Self-selected stocks and shares
  • ETF’s
  • Government issued bonds
  • Managed Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Peer to Peer lending

You have a good range of choices and a lot of research to consider, we recommend the following products below to help keep your investments in the same place, however, the investments you choose to go with should be done with your own in-depth research, the value of your investments can up as well as down.

Stocks and Shares ISA

  • It is always worth considering as an option adding some element of risk to your savings, you can look into ETFs which can be kept in an ISA, this can be a more attractive investment for most but it is essential to understand the risks involved


  • This is a high risk investment and you would only ever put in what you can afford to lose, the potential for cryptocurrency is unknown. Some people suggest it will take over real solid currency in the future but some suggest its a bubble that may burst. A small investment might go a long way. Due to it’s high volatility an average return has not been added.

Peer to Peer lending

  • Peer to peer lending is where you , lend your capital to businesses or individuals instead of the banks, this effectively cuts out the middle man and you gain the profits (interest) that the bank would have made instead, rates are more competitive so businesses are encouraged to invest.