How to open a Trading 212 Investing Account


Trading 212 is a great platform for those new to trading or looking to simplify their investment experience, it offers 3 types of accounts; CFD, Invest and ISA. We will look at opening an Invest account, this is ideal for those who are looking to buy individual stocks or choose from a wide range of ETFs. Most people who open a trading 212 Invest account and an ISA account will be looking to purchase stocks/ETFs and leave them for a long period of time giving them a chance to grow with time and riding out all the dips that come with trading.


Trading 212 has a number of benefits over its competitors, its simple-to-use, fast transactions, 0% commission, and use of their new PIE feature which allows you to pre-select companies to invest in and set up regular repeat investments, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and take away the need to manually invest.

Trading 212 offers the user the ability to trade stocks from major exchanges in, London, New York, Germany, Spain, plus many more. The Invest account also offers a large range of ETFs from London, Germany, and New York, providing a large number of diversification opportunities.


In order to open a Trading 212 account, it is first important to understand what it is you’re doing, there are risks involved in trading and this could result in a total or partial loss of your funds, it’s easy to be spooked by this prospect and that is why we recommend doing your research before jumping straight in. Trading 212 invest offers the user a minimum deposit requirement of £1.00, this allows you to invest in even the most expensive shares with fractional shares. You should assess what you feel comfortable investing in.

You will be required to provide;

A proof of ID: A passport, national ID or Driving licence.

A proof of address: A bank statement, Utility bill, mortgage statement or credit card statement.

Setting up your account

For the best experience we recommend downloading the mobile app you can download it from the following links below


Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
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Once the app has been downloaded, you will need to select ‘Open Account’ you will then be required to provide your personal information in order to confirm your identity the information required is listed below;

  • Country you’re a resident in
  • Your Nationality
  • Name on your passport
  • Country where you pay your taxes
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance number

It is essential to provide truthful and accurate details when filing this account and official documentation and ID checks are required in order to confirm the information provided.

Account verification usually takes less than 1 day, however it’s advised that it could take up to 2 working days in order to gain approval for your account.

How to deposit funds

Depositing funds is a very easy process, on your invest account within the app, you can select the menu option in the bottom right hand corner and select ‘deposit funds’, this will provide you with a number of deposit options. Instant bank transfer is recommended for deposits over £2000 to avoid fees, if depositing below £2000, then you have the option of Credit Card payment, Google pay and Skrill. Selecting your desired deposit amount and connect to your bank account. The following steps are easy and will sometimes take you to your bank page to authorize the payment.

Opening a trade

Assuming you’ve done your research and know what you want to invest in you can select the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app, from there you can simply type in the stock or ETF you’re looking for, if you’re unsure the categories breakdown can come in handy for the type of stock you’re looking for. For this illustrative purpose, let’s assume we would like to purchase iShares Global Clean Energy ETF. To do this, click the magnifying glass, select ETF, and type in “iShares Global Clean Energy. This will take you to the funds page, if you know this is what you’re buying you can then select the stock by simply clicking the blue “Buy” button, to make a purchase at the current market price, ensure “Market” is selected and then you can either buy a set number of shares or click the drop-down menu and select “Value” in order to buy a specific amount. Set the desired value and then review the order, you will then be quoted a price and the number of shares you will be buying along with any stamp duty payments, if you’re happy click “confirm buy”.

That’s it, you should have successfully completed your account opening and purchase of a share in a stock of your choosing.

If you’re having trouble?

Trading 212 provides a great level of customer support and are often able to assist with most common problems, to access the help centre for common problem troubleshooting click here if you cannot resolve the issues by yourself they provide a Customer care form where a member of the Trading 212 team is usually pretty good at assisting, you can access that by clicking “Contact us” on the app or by clicking here.

Gain a free share when you sign up and deposit

We offer this website and its educational resources for free, in order to help us help you we would love it if you use promo code GIO4o0X2 when you sign up to Trading 212, this will give you a free share (up to the value of £100) once you’ve deposited any amount and purchased a share on Trading 212 Invest.

Thank you and good luck