Learn Financial Planning

Before learning to save, it is important to have a strategy, a plan for you to target where you want to be in the future.

Beating Inflation

Beating inflation should be on the top of every savers mind, learning what inflation is, what effects it could have on you and how to try and stay ahead of it are critial to making your money go further.

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Credit Cards

Whether you’re short on cash or just looking to build up some rewards points or cashback, credit cards are a great option. Owning a credit card can also allow you to build up a good credit score which in turn can allow greater flexibility from lenders.

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Emergency Funds

A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes they have no choice in the matter but for those who do, learning to build an emergency cash fund is very important and can be a vital lifeline should something unexpected happen.

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Buying a property is often the dream of many people, being able to afford one is often the big hurdle people need to overcome. Mortgages give people the chance to purchase properties by borowing a lot of money. The interest rates on these may seem low, however over time can add up quite considerably.

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One day most of us are going to be too old to work, so saving enough money now for your retirement is more important than ever. We look at the different options there are for you.

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Setting Goals

Understanding your financial situation and setting goals is a great way to begin your financial journey. You need to know where you are now to understand where you want to be.

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