After analyzing your results, we believe you may have a Medium appetite for risk.

Listed below are products that we feel may be of interest to you, these are based on people with similar risk scores to you, due to your result showing you’re a medium risk, there is slightly higher risk in the products recommended.

About your score

You scored between 30 and 40 points, this puts you in what consider to be somebody with an appetite for a moderate or medium appetite for risk. You have would like to see your money growing at a higher level than inflation, you may have also had a little bit of experience investing in the past. We would consider you to be a safe investor who would only take small calculated risks with your money.

People in this risk group would generally save up a good chunk of their earnings, are quite financially savvy, and look into the different options for investing their hard-earned cash. A lot of people who are in this category will look into investing their money, common selections include;

  • Self-selected stocks and shares
  • ETF’s
  • Government-issued bonds
  • Managed Investment funds

You may understand the challenge of beating inflation and ensuring that your money is working as hard as it can, some people may have always wanted to invest in the above options however have either felt anxious about the risks involved or never really understood how they can go about doing this themselves. Investing in the 2020’s has never been easier, it can take under 15 minutes to get going and investments can start from as little as £10.

People in this group will generally want to keep most of their money in safe bank accounts but would be willing to put a little bit of money to the side and have a go at improving their chances of a higher return.

You can view our how to get trading guide by clicking here.

With higher returns results in higher risks, you must be prepared for the risk your investments may go down as well as up. It is recommended you do thorough research into what investments you make before making any financial decisions.

Basic Savings Account

  • This is the safest option for your money, depending on your level of risk you might want to adjust the total percentage you keep here. No matter where you save, it is important to keep a healthy cash balance

Goverment Backed Bonds

  • Government backed bond are often seen as a safe investment and can offer better long term returns compared to most savings accounts, the rates you get are sometimes not guaranteed. Explore some options below

Stocks and Shares ISA

  • It is always worth considering as an option adding some element of risk to your savings, you can look into ETFs which can be kept in an ISA, this can be a more attractive investment for most but it is essential to understand the risks involved