Our favourite accounts

Here at Utraz we offer you suggestions on what we believe to be good quality, high reward, and relevant accounts, we have gained this knowledge from some personal experience and from researching the products on the web to establish what we think will be best and most suited towards you. We will recommend trading platforms but will not recommend how to spend your money, for that it is recommended that you speak to a professional financial advisor who can tailor your investments to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

We always recommend looking into the products before you sign up for them, doing your own research, and taking our recommendations as a guide only, when investing a lot of your hard-earned money this is a very important decision to make.

Top CFD accounts

CFD accounts are leveraged products, where you can trade almost anything from stocks to coffee beans.It’s important to note they can offer you greater returns but can also result in significant losses.

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Top Cryptocurrency accounts

We take a look at our favourite cryptocurrency accounts, with the cheapest rates and simplest to use.

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Top savings accounts

We look at our selection of basic savings accounts for those not looking to invest but finding it difficult to find good saving rates.

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Top share dealing accounts

We take a look at our favourite share dealing accounts, looking at ease of use and low commision trading accounts.

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