Try out our Financial risk calculator for quick free results.

Below is our financial risk calculator, it will ask you 12 questions mostly about your attitude to risk and past savings experience. Please answer all honestly and openly. As a basis when answering questions consider that risk should be defined as between 1 and 2 months’ worth of your salary.

Understanding your Financial Risk score can go a long way to helping you decide what type of investments or savings would suit you best, it could reveal that you aren’t fully prepared to invest in stocks and shares due to the risks involved, or perhaps show you that you are prepared.

This is helpful to make the next steps in your financial journey.

The risk calculator is not designed to tell you where to put your money but to help you better understand what types of investments may be of interest to you, we always recommend doing your own research into individual stocks and commodities before investing and would never tell you what to invest in.

It is worth always remembering that the value of certain investments can go down as well as up so always understand the risks involved.

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