After analyzing your results, we believe you may have a very high appetite for risk.

Listed below are products that we feel may be of interest to you, these are based on people with similar risk scores to you, due to your high appetite for risk, there is an increased risk of losing some of your capital.

About your score

You Scored between 50 and 60 points, we class this as the highest risk category on our risk category, this does not mean you are high risk, however means you have the highest appetite for risk, don’t feel as troubled by swings in your investment and are willing to put more money into investments than most people.

You have a good understanding of money, you have likely tried to or have currently invested in shares, funds, and possibly cryptocurrency. A lot of people in this group will have a good diverse portfolio with a range of different bank and investment accounts. You have a good understanding of the risks associated with leaving money in cash and inflation devaluing your savings.

People in this category will often have or have tried at least one of the following types of savings/investing methods listed below, they are often more high risk and have the potential of bringing higher returns.

  • Self selected stocks and shares
  • ETF’s
  • Government issued bonds
  • Managed Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Peer to Peer lending
  • CFD accounts
  • Forex Trading

You can consider almost every type of investment account and could probably handle the swings often associated with these investments, it is worth carrying out the most research into whichever investments you make as you have the most at stake, there are a wide range of investment sites offering highly competitive products and offers, some platforms are more suited for beginners and amateur investors however some are catered towards seasoned traders, these can have higher leverage.

It’s worth looking into all your options thoroughly and ensure you make the right choice for your needs. We have guides to show you how some of our recommended sites work and how easy it is to invest, we always recommend you answer the questions to open an account truthfully and honestly as you must pass all checks to make sure you’re competent to trade.

Below we have listed the top accounts that we prefer at Utraz, please research and look into these options in depth.

Self Selected Stocks

  • As you have the highest level of risk appetite you may be more suited to carrying out your own research and self selecting your own stocks, this created more chance of price movement, can be less diversified and increase potential gains, you can have a mixture of stocks and ETFs or even forex trading.


  • This is a high risk investment and you would only ever put in what you can afford to lose, the potential for cryptocurrency is unknown. Some people suggest it will take over real solid currency in the future but some suggest its a bubble that may burst. A small investment might go a long way

Peer to Peer lending

  • Peer to peer lending is where you lend your capital to businesses or individuals to money to people instead of the banks, lending to businesses or individuals instead of banks, this effectively cuts out the middle man and you gain the profits (interest) that the bank would have made instead, rates are more competitive so businesses are encouraged to invest.